1) To request a PSI, simply present your buyer's ticket to a sales attendant in the office.

2) PSI must be requested the night of the sale.

3) When the entire PSI process is complete you will be contacted with the results.

4) PSI is designed as a process to find problems with a vehicle, Not diagnose them.

5) Vehicle is eligible for a PSI on day of sale, however they will not be completed until the next day.

6) PSI warranty is voided if the vehicle is retailed or sold in any way.

7) PSI warranty is voided if the vehicle is not returned in the same condition it left in.

8 ) Vehicles bought on the internet will not be released until the PSI has been completed.

9) The PSI department will stand behind PSI for the items checked for 7 days on a full.

10) The PSI is not part of the arbitration policy, but a seperate sevice offered to provide added assurance and coverage to the buying dealer in their purchase.

11) Don't wait for the PSI to be completed to pay. You must remit payment of your purchase.



The PSI will be completed by a CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN. They will perform a full visual inspection of the vehicle.

- Odometer/Speedometer     -Cruise Control   -Power Seats

-Emission Control Equipment Present    -Power Windows

-Power Locks   -Power Sliding Doors    -Convertible Top Functions

-Engine Transmission Function and Operating    -HVAC Air Conditioning Compressor engagement check

-4x4 System Engaged if equipped   - Frame and Unibody Checked for Damage

-SRS/Airbags Checked (when illuminated)   -Gauges   -SES Checked

-Brake Hydraulics, Power Steering, Transmission, Engine and Cooling Systems Fluid

-ABS and Brake Function (when illuminated)    -2 Mile Test Drive (when Possible)


Post Sale Inspection:


1) The buyer is financially responsible for payment of the PSI fee regardless of whether the vehicle passes or fails inspection and the fee is NON-REFUNDABLE

2) The coverage and provision apply only to the original buyer of the PSI. The PSI coverage period are void once the vehicle is resold.

3) If a vehicle fails PSI and exceeds the current arbitration amount(see arbitration policy) the vehicle will be placed in arbitration

4) A returned vehicle for any reason under the PSI coverage must be in the same or better condition as when it was purchased

5) RSAA will not reimburse a dealer for transportation, reconditioning and other work or expenses performed on the vehicle that is returned.

6) The PSI inspection in NO WAY is a buy-back policy

7) Verification of diagnosis and repair estimates will obtained at a shop chosen by RSAA and may need pictures sent via email.

8) A complete written estimate from a licensed repair facility will be required

9) RSAA reserves the right to limit the number of times a purchasing dealer may submit a claim

10) Buyer and Seller should be aware that the seller bears all financial responsibility in the case of a successful arbitration claim.




Frame and structural evaluation per NAAA guidelines




Inspection that includes complete driveline, major components and a 2 mile road test. Frame and structural evaluations per NAAA guidelines.Flood Check