1) All cars sold with a drive must be settled within one hour.

2) All titles submitted by seller must be in seller's name.

3) All information on titles and reassignments must be completed by selling dealer, including blanks for odometer readings.

4) All titles and ownership papers on sold cars must be processed through the office.

5) When "Title Delay" is not announced on the block, the buyer has the right to reject the car.

6) The auction is not responsible for warranty books regardless of year, make or model.

7) No vehicle will be offered for sale without serial number plate. The auction reserves the right to refuse the sale of any vehicle on which the vehicle identification plate appears marred or in any way altered.

8) All cars purchased and/or sold on the premises must be paid for through the office.

9) All police cars, taxi cabs, municipal cars, fire cars and flood cars must be sold under the red light and such condition must be announced.

10) All units sold under the red light or announced "AS-IS" must be paid for immediately. No driving privileges.

11) Outside or off-block sales must be consummated through the auction and all sales will be "AS-IS".

12) "IF" sales are strickly between the buyer and seller, it must settle by then next business day @5pm

13) The auction does not guarantee the year of any foreign car, house trailer, motor home, boat, boat motor, antique, dune buggy, motorcycle, reconstructed vehicle, or vehicle sold "AS-IS".

14) Motor homes and dune buggy - seller must announce from auction block the year of the chassis and the year of the unit.

15) Any vehicle bought at an absolute auction cannot be turned down or returned for any reason, including frame damage or excessive rust.

16) All "IF" cars with green light must be checked out on the night of the sale.

17) No one under 16 allowed on premises.

18) Rust is covered under frame damage or unibody damage announcement.

19) There is $55 fee for online sales, over/above the buyers fee.

20) All deals done inside the office "LOT SALES" will be AS-IS.